Accelerometer brainstorming

enaut enaut.w at
Wed Apr 2 23:22:16 CEST 2008

I mean we could also use the open moko to chiptune the engine of our car 
or to control the ABS/ESP. or we could make it run the car so that 
nobody needs to pay attension to the road but is that really nessesary 
or a good idea? I mean it is not a super computer having a really large 
scale Cpu. and besides that I curently don't have any GPS I wonder how I 
did find my way through mess till now. maybe because there are in some 
rare cases big signs and yeah those are not even digital.

The point is there might be some rare cases where we don't absolutely 
need a digital helper telling us how to handle a situation. We might 
have reason enough by ourself.

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