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Wed Apr 2 11:33:31 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Wednesday 02 April 2008 11:07:47 Andy Green wrote:
|> There's a 6) I thought about, AFAIK it could theoretically anyway be
|> possible we can write detailed header files for an open driver which
|> contain register and bitfield enums and comments for the 3D unit.  If we
|> did write our own we would certainly have to do this anyway and
|> presumably it is okay by whatever agreement exists (but surprises are
|> the norm here).
| How about the 7) developer to become a new OM "employee" and thus gets
| (unpaid intern or something like that, if nothing else) to the OM license?

I think we have to be seen to take care about the spirit of the
agreement as well as the letter or the consequences could be negative
all around.

But the agreement must allow for transcription of the information into a
FOSS driver because otherwise there'd be no point.  So this would be a
"way through it" rather than a "way around it".

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