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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | On Wednesday 02 April 2008 11:07:47 Andy Green wrote:
> |> There's a 6) I thought about, AFAIK it could theoretically anyway be
> |> possible we can write detailed header files for an open driver which
> |> contain register and bitfield enums and comments for the 3D unit.  If
> we
> |> did write our own we would certainly have to do this anyway and
> |> presumably it is okay by whatever agreement exists (but surprises are
> |> the norm here).
> |
> | How about the 7) developer to become a new OM "employee" and thus gets
> access
> | (unpaid intern or something like that, if nothing else) to the OM
> license?
> I think we have to be seen to take care about the spirit of the
> agreement as well as the letter or the consequences could be negative
> all around.
> But the agreement must allow for transcription of the information into a
> FOSS driver because otherwise there'd be no point.  So this would be a
> "way through it" rather than a "way around it".

No one has suggested it yet, but could this be a Summer of  Code project?
Harald's note seemed to indicate that the product of such an effort would be
an open-source driver, and documentation to assist in writing of other

I'm not sure if this would be close enough to the spirit, though. Could this
be a way through it too?

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