Accelerometer brainstorming

Niluge KiWi kiwiiii at
Wed Apr 2 18:08:23 CEST 2008

> What do we need the CAN interface for?
> We already know the speed before we enter the tunnel, and if the neo
> is in a car holder in a stable position, calibrated with some
> software, it knows from the accelerometers if we are driving strait
> ahead or making a turn and also if we are accelerating. With a little
> bit of mathematics, this can turn out to be very precise.

Yes, with the phone fixed to the car, and with initial position and
velocity, we can calculate the position (and velocity) in the future.
The only problem is numerical errors from the method and imprecision
from the initial values.
So having the velocity of the car can really help, to correct those
errors, but it's not necessary.

It could be a nice demo app for the GSoC work on the accelerometers. 

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