Car charger to GTA02

Michael Shiloh michael at
Wed Apr 2 18:55:30 CEST 2008

Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
> Michael Shiloh ha scritto:
>> A generic solution can be built this way:
>> 1. Locate a generic USB car charger e.g. 
>> Make sure it can 
>> supply at least 1A. Note in my example that the specs don't say this, 
>> but if you look at the picture carefully you can read the 1A on the 
>> label. They are very common. I think I found one for less than $2.00.
>> 2. Purchase a standard USB A to Mini B cable,e.g. 
>> These too are common. I have about 4 left over from digital cameras. 
>> You can probably get them for free by asking your friends and relatives.
>> 3. Carefully slice open the cable and solder in the appropriate 
>> resistor between the appropriate conductors (someone needs to document 
>> this)
> Why not simply connecting the official Openmoko usb cable to the car usb 
> charger?
> Will it need the mod you've figured at the point 3?

Good question. I've assumed the resistor is in the charger and not the 
cable. If indeed it is in the cable your solution works. Can someone 
confirm this?

Also, if this is true, it means you need to label your Openmoko USB 
cable is it is not the same as the half dozen other USB cables you have 
in your kitchen drawer from cameras and the like.


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