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Sorry for the delay.

On Tue, 2008-04-01 at 22:07, Alex Zhang wrote:
> Yes, I did it by hand, because my device is based on MIPS. I have no  
> idea how to setup OE to support MIPS. :-[
> I wrote a little Makefile to build GLib, DBus, HAL, UDEV, Libnl ... NM,  
> it works just fine for me. :)

That is something that you can of course always to. You just have to
look at the tradeoff. What time it costs you to setup OE for MIPS and
what kind of hassle a self hacked solution can bring over the time.

>>> In addition, though NM-0.7 has a clear framework, but it's not ready ATM :(
>> Well, have you tested it at least? I'm using SVN rev 3202 of the NM
>> daemon here for some months now. 
> I run SVN r3506 or NM-0.6.5 on my device. They are NOT work so good as  
> my expected, maybe I miss something.

Well if you only try 0.6.x I would recommend releases and not svn
versions. 0.7 is totally different and so not really compareable to

>> It allows me to connect to wired
>> ethernet, open wifi, WEP wifi, WPA wifi and WPA2 wifi. It is not SVN
>> HEAD but runs pretty stable. 
> You mean on your PC or GTA02?


>> Of course I'm also waiting for a 0.7
>> release, but having all the API changes in mind, coding against 0.6.6
>> makes no sense.
>>> Anyway, glad to see you're starting such project, Hope can share some 
>>>  idea with you :)

Let me know if you have something special in mind.

>> So if your device uses EFL enlazar could be interesting for you. Or
>> better e_nm could be interesting. If you don't you EFL, enlazar gives
>> you nothing extra.
> Sorry, What's EFL & e_nm?

EFL == Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (Evas, Edje, ETK, EWL,

e_nm is a convience library for the dbus calls to NM. It's part of
e_dbus. You can think about it like what is libnm-glib for GTK is e_nm
for EFL.

Stefan Schmidt
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