Openmoko strives for openness (smedia glamo)

herve couvelard herve.couvelard at
Thu Apr 3 16:16:51 CEST 2008

> what if you become part of openmoko?  Just sign some kind of work
> contract (like other freelancers had and still have with openmoko),
> but with only USD 1  in return for your work, adding a clause that you
> keep the copyright on your work?
> This way you are legally part of openmoko, have access to the docs, and
> can work on the code.

I don't think it's fair. the world of free software should be a world of 
truthfulness and this "way" is not. They don't want their specs to run 
out the world, so let's keep these specs on the shelve.

Let's the 'market' decide :

- If it come a chip with better package [hard+spec] for gta03, too bad 
for Glamo and they will not be in gta03.
- if the users don't like freerunner because there is no cool 3D stuff, 
freerunner won't be sold that much and they wont sell to much chips.

the long term war vs closed sources specs is not to use them : no specs, 
no cool feature, bad product, product gonna die.

it is irrelevant to spare time to develop driver for a product when the 
owner don't want a driver to be develop. Let's concentrate on another 
open field, ready to switch to a more open chips.


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