Openmoko strives for openness (smedia glamo)

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Thu Apr 3 17:17:17 CEST 2008

I like this idea, I think this is legally OK and if we are open and  
honest about it, may even become an accepted practice known to our  
Need to do some more checks on that...

On Apr 3, 2008, at 9:44 PM, Harald Welte wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 02, 2008 at 09:32:31AM +0100, Tom Cooksey wrote:
>> On Sunday 30 March 2008 13:42:23 Harald Welte wrote:
>>> Please note though, that being one of the persons who drafted the
>>> wording on the contract between Smedia and OpenMoko: The contract
>>> contains explicit provisions for OpenMoko preparing a set of
>>> documentation for the Glamo chip, not carbon-copying from the  
>>> original
>>> NDA'd docs, and then cooperating with Smedia to jointly release that
>>> new manual.
>>> However, I doubt that given the current load and priority situation,
>>> there would be anyone doing paid work on that set of new  
>>> documentation.
>> As one (perhaps only one?) who volunteered to start work on a DRM  
>> driver
>> for the glamo (the first step to 3D), I can confirm that the NDA  
>> OpenMoko
>> has with SMedia prevents them from releasing any docs to 3rd parties,
>> with or without an NDA.
> what if you become part of openmoko?  Just sign some kind of work
> contract (like other freelancers had and still have with openmoko),
> but with only USD 1  in return for your work, adding a clause that you
> keep the copyright on your work?
> This way you are legally part of openmoko, have access to the docs,  
> and
> can work on the code.
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