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andy andy at zrmt.com
Thu Apr 3 19:44:00 CEST 2008

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Joseph Reeves wrote:
> I think it would be quite likely that a phone thief/finder would
> change the SIM, either because they want to use it themselves, or
> because they want to sell it. I'd do the following:
> Set up a script so that the phone regularly connects to a server you
> control, downloads the contents of a folder executes them. Say once
> every six hours, just for argument's sake. The contents of this folder
> would usually be empty, but as soon as you realised that your phone
> was missing you upload the GPS/SMS/mass deletion script that you've
> been saving for months. That way, it doesn't matter about whatever the
> bad folk has done to your phone (as long as the flash hasn't been
> wiped); it will connect up (you'll discover it's IP address - likely
> to be useful) and will execute the commands you want.
> This is something I'm probably going to look into implementing within
> a corporate environment within the near future.
> Joseph
Only problem with that is that if someone hacked into that folder, he
could wipe all your neo's in one move :)

2c worth


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