A few questions on the GSOC

Steven Hicks shicks3 at elon.edu
Fri Apr 4 00:48:56 CEST 2008

I noticed that you guys were participating in the Google Summer of Code. I 
also noticed a project that interests me:
I find this interesting because: 
1. I want a feature like this
2. It deals with intelligent decision making based on its "optimal 
environment" (i'm still unsure about the effectiveness of the phone in a 

The questions I have for this project are: 
1. Must the final result work on the phone? In other words can I build the 
software on the PC and have it working on the PC with say Mono/Java? 
2. Is there a programming language restriction? 
3. What is required to deem the project complete?
4. Am I eligible to work on this project with another summer job?
5. If a working copy on the phone is required will I be given an OpenMoko 
phone to make sure this works (if so will this be for borrow or to keep)?
5.5 Will I be provided with a prepaid SIM? (I'm American so that would be 
either AT&T or TMobile)

Little bit about me: I am currently an undergraduate Uni student at Elon. I 
will be graduating in May and be attending UNC-Charlotte for Computer Vision 
in Intelligence (ms/PhD). 


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