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khang mjc0323 at
Fri Apr 4 05:32:47 CEST 2008

Taiwan  CPE  developers of  WiMax (etc..) are  looking  for  a new
OS/plateform ,
so  their  applications  won't   be  limited .
  We  are  planning
1.City  surveillance (live  project) ---  installing  digital  camera
wirelessly  sending  " clear "  image  back  to  control  center.
2.Remote  medical  care --- sending  medical  data / warning  signals
 wirelessly  to  Hospital / doctors
3.Home  security   ---  remote  monitoring  home  status  including  old
people  and  child  safty
  using   WiMax  network ( mobile  Internet ) .
Is  OpenMoko CPE   a  good  choice  for  niche  or  special   applications
or  not ???
Any  ideas ?
If   not , many   of  the  developers  will   go  for  Android .  That  is
not  good .
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