Openmoko strives for openness (smedia glamo)

herve couvelard herve.couvelard at
Fri Apr 4 10:01:41 CEST 2008

> I bet if you could name such a device, they would have no problem in using it for future products. 

I bet that if my incomes would exclusively depend on producing such a 
device, i would use time to search for it.
Everything i do, or sale, depends on free software (even for drivers), 
even if that means less features and less velocity.

As i am "just" a customer and latter on, maybe, a contributor as il 
would develop and give the community my work, and do want to lose time 
on that.

i know that it is not easy to find 'open' chips, but if open company 
'buy' closed chips there will not be 'open' chips at all.

It's a shame that project like olpc use that new 
low-consuming-close-source-wifi-chip without able to obtain open specs 
for it : they'll manufacture a large number of it. How could someone ask 
the chip vendor to open there specs if even in "free-world" people use 
them "as is". [this is the same with the broadcom chip on freebox(c) ]

But in free-world we must be "fair" and do what we says _always_


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