Loosing your moko

Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 17:28:32 CEST 2008

I don't want to say this is the solution for all the problems:
> As cool as all the solutions sound, we have to think of some
> problems/implications:
> 1) What happens if the sim gets changed?
It continue to run, because the program is not sim related. Whe it see a 
tcp/ip connection it send a data packet to openmoko serve.
The sim credential is used only to identify who use the phone.
> 2) What happens if the phone gets flashed?
To this, I think we can do nothing. I hope it is sold without to be 
flashed. Freerunner is not a so common phone for now.
> 3) What's with my data (stored e-mail passwords, wifi-passwods, web
> history, session cookies, e-mails, and so on)?
Is possible to implement a system to get all these data to the server 
(one time it is allarmed) and to delete the phone copy.
> 4) What if I only loose the phone?
You can access to openmoko server without make a stealt alarm, but only 
a lose allarm
> 5) What if I lend the phone to a friend? Do I have to follow a
> two-hour setup procedure to avoid my phone calling the police?
Is forbidden to call policy with an automatic system
> There are many solutions, but each one has it's flaws. The idea that
> the phone reports back in some way is pretty cool: at each sim change,
> send an sms to a preconfigured number, saying "Hi, i'm name, this is
> my new number". A good utility for keeping your buddies up to date,
> and for having always the newest number. another good idea is to have
> configure the phone to play some sort of alarm and encrypt the files
> (but still allowing access to the phone, so that the thief keeps on
> using it) when it's more then.. 2 meters away from a configured
> bluetooth device (your headset/bluetooth keyboard/whatever). An
> intresting idea is to trace the gps position each minute, store them,
> and send a log per e-mail as soon as a connection is possible (open
> wifi, gprs, logged in into wifi, ..). Also a program that sends to all
> bluetooth devices it reaches wich accept it something like "Help Me!
> I'm a stolen phone. I belong to $name, $adress. My actual phone number
> is $number, please contact the police". One out of many people maybe
> will contact the police. Also the client/server setup is an intresting
> idea, allowing one to install its own server, and sending coordinates
> and phone number in periodical intervals. Maybe one could even make a
> buisness providing this client/server setup.
> And if the card is taken out, and the phone flashed? Well.. if the
> phone is already shut down, you've lost your phone. The only
> possibility would be to have some sort of trackback of the serial
> numbers of all flashed devices.. but the security and privacy
> implications of this would be too great..
> Just my two cents
Yes, I think your ideas are good!

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