Web Browser?

Marcus Bauer marcus.bauer at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 20:55:21 CEST 2008

On Sun, 2008-04-06 at 11:22 -0700, Uncle Kridley wrote:
> What sort of browser will Openmoko have?  From various postings on the
> lists I get them impression that there is a (somewhat) working browser,
> but the wiki page is very sketchy.
> Will/does it support the following?
> *) Javascript
> *) DOM
> *) Cookies
> In short, is it a real browser (like FF, Safari, Konqueror), or a
> half-baked thing like Blazer (the stock Treo 650 browser)?
> I have an idea for a browser-based ebook reader package that uses
> javascript to do autoscroll and page-drag (like Plucker)...

The current browser is based on webkit and has Javascript, DOM etc.

However, the CPU is to slow and the screen to small. Much more fun is
'links' which does have a graphics mode and simply ignores most CSS. But
it is blazingly fast and many pages are better readable with it - thanks
to the fact that most websites have no longer table based layout but a
div based. Thus pages get simply shown sequentially - one div after the
next. Even wikipedia becomes very readable on the small screen.


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