Qemu images for FreeRunner

Alexander Frøyseth alexander.froyseth at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 22:38:13 CEST 2008

Michele Renda skrev:
> Alexander Frøyseth wrote:
>> Can you send a link to the image?
> I use the qemu image available using:
> svn checkout https://svn.openmoko.org/trunk/src/host/qemu-neo1973
> then making openmoko/download.sh it download the openmoko image.
> I undestand that to have an Freerunner emulator I have to apply the 
> /openmoko/linux-gta02-pseudo.patch
> It is right?
> /
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I get an error message when I rune openmoko/flash.sh

alectbm at alectbm:~/qemu-neo1973$ ./openmoko/flash.sh
make: `splash.gz' is up to date.
Using 'uImage-2.6.24+svnr4301-r4251-r5-om-gta01.bin' as the kernel image.
as the root filesystem image.
as bootloader.
# Making an empty/erased flash image.  Need a correct echo behavior.
echo -en \\0377\\0377\\0377\\0377\\0377\\0377\\0377\\0377 > .8b
cat .8b .8b > .16b # OOB is 16 bytes
cat .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b > .512b
cat .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b >> .512b
cat .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b >> .512b
cat .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b .16b >> .512b
cat .512b .16b > .sec # A sector is 512 bytes of data + OOB
cat .sec .sec .sec .sec .sec .sec .sec .sec > .8sec
cat .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec .8sec > .64sec
cat .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec .64sec > .512sec
cat .512sec .512sec .512sec .512sec > .2ksec
cat .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec .2ksec > .16ksec
# Neo NAND is 128k sectors big
cat .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec .16ksec > 
rm -rf .8b .16b .512b .sec .8sec .64sec .512sec .2ksec .16ksec
./openmoko/flash.sh: line 80: 
/home/alectbm/qemu-neo1973/arm-softmmu/qemu-system-arm: No such file or 
Please wait, programming the NAND flash...

U-boot failed to finish writing in 300 seconds, giving up.

Any idea to a solution?

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