GTA02 Release Date

Sean Anderson keep.brain.from.freezing at
Mon Apr 7 02:41:19 CEST 2008

I think many people are anxious to know when the Neo FreeRunner will
actually be released. I know of many people that are quite eager to buy
one; if it won't be ready till December, say so. Stop keeping hundreds
of people waiting with bated breath for a device that seems to be be
unlikely to ever see the light of day in any stable form. Be open, give
the community more detailed information; when is it likely to be
released, why and why not?

The OpenMoko project, as it appears to others, is a failure of the open
source model rather than the visible example of the success of open
development that it rightly should be. 

I've been expecting the opportunity to buy a Neo for over six months
now, and it seems to be that the only way in which to obtain a small
form-factor smartphone is to pop into the cathedral and buy an iPhone.


So why is it called the Neo 1973? I get the "neo" part, that means new,
but what's significant of 1973?
> That was the original release date!

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