GTA02 Release Date

Michael T. Dean mtdean at
Mon Apr 7 03:05:33 CEST 2008

On 04/06/2008 08:41 PM, Sean Anderson wrote:
> I think many people are anxious to know when the Neo FreeRunner will
> actually be released. I know of many people that are quite eager to buy
> one; if it won't be ready till December, say so. Stop keeping hundreds
> of people waiting with bated breath for a device that seems to be be
> unlikely to ever see the light of day in any stable form. Be open, give
> the community more detailed information; when is it likely to be
> released, why and why not?
> The OpenMoko project, as it appears to others, is a failure of the open
> source model rather than the visible example of the success of open
> development that it rightly should be. 
> I've been expecting the opportunity to buy a Neo for over six months
> now, and it seems to be that the only way in which to obtain a small
> form-factor smartphone is to pop into the cathedral and buy an iPhone.

Says the guy who doesn't read his email.  I.e. "Product Update" sent 1
hour and 57 minutes before the above message and on the same list
(though to interpret its meaning, one also needs to have read previous
messages on the list or to spend some time looking through an archive).


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