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Mon Apr 7 06:36:29 CEST 2008

I've been reading along for quite a while now and unfortunately I'm starting
to agree with posts like this.

For example, here's part of an email dated 10/23/2007:

> As someone who has been waiting on pins and needles for months for
> this phone, I too am wondering why there has not been an announcement
> of some kind, since up to now they've been saying "October" and we're
> 3/4 of the way through the month. If it's going to be January or
> later, that's fine (and that's probably still optimistic, considering
> what I've been reading on the lists), but they really should keep us
> posted. It's extremely inconsiderate to keep everybody in suspense
> like this.
> - Wolfmane

This was a problem back in October 2007! Now we're in to April 2008? And how
do we go from expecting it "this month" to 6 months later? That's quite a
delay, and still with no release date in sight. I was originally holding off
on my cell phone plan until October.  People kept saying to buy a cheap sim
phone as a temporary phone...and I did...but this has been a very long time
for being "temporary". My current phone has all kinds of problems with
freezing and other annoyances. I have kept holding out for the Neo...but now
the iPhone has an SDK...and honestly I've seriously been considering it. Of
course, I'd really much rather have a completely open phone, but I'm pretty
pessimistic about it being available anytime soon.

I am a programmer, I don't expect to have the fully functional "consumer
grade" version, however I didn't want to spend money on the "beta" hardware
with the real phone right around the corner, either.  I believe in the idea
of open source, and I'm more than willing to spend a little more money for
an open phone.

I guess things have been better lately, but for a while everyone felt like
we were in the dark entirely. Now we know the phone's being worked on but we
still don't have much of an idea about when it'll be out. I'm not giving in
to the iPhone yet, I'm a pretty patient person, and I love the concept here.
I just wanted to add my thoughts and note that I can relate to people who
are feeling frustrated.

On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 8:41 PM, Sean Anderson <
keep.brain.from.freezing at> wrote:

> I think many people are anxious to know when the Neo FreeRunner will
> actually be released. I know of many people that are quite eager to buy
> one; if it won't be ready till December, say so. Stop keeping hundreds
> of people waiting with bated breath for a device that seems to be be
> unlikely to ever see the light of day in any stable form. Be open, give
> the community more detailed information; when is it likely to be
> released, why and why not?
> The OpenMoko project, as it appears to others, is a failure of the open
> source model rather than the visible example of the success of open
> development that it rightly should be.
> I've been expecting the opportunity to buy a Neo for over six months
> now, and it seems to be that the only way in which to obtain a small
> form-factor smartphone is to pop into the cathedral and buy an iPhone.
> Sean.
> So why is it called the Neo 1973? I get the "neo" part, that means new,
> but what's significant of 1973?
> > That was the original release date!
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