GTA02 Release Date

Michele Renda michele.renda at
Mon Apr 7 07:04:31 CEST 2008

I have a question:

who never wrote an email like this when the iphone project was in progress?

Answer: No one.

Why? Because the Apple keep all the project under a very strict secret 
until all was ready. No one know about it and when it went out all was 
happy to have a customer ready phone. So no one had to cry because the 
Iphone had delay because no one knew about it.

Openmoko decided to took another decision: it decided to share the 
develop process with the comunity: this mean that before to be ready for 
production it will be released in different preview only version.

Then you have to choose: you 'd like to stay under a bad "democracy" or 
in a good "monarchy"? you are free to choose. If you want a democracy 
this are the issue you will meet: developer only version, bug that will 
be corrected only on time,  etc. etc.

I you like more a monarchy buy an Iphone: it will run soon, is already 
in production, has some complete application, and has a very big firm 
that support it.

The biggest error that some people do is that they thing Openmoko == 
Iphone: FALSE

Are two different devices, with two different target. In the same way 
how Linux != Windows
And they have different potentiality: freedom has a cost :)

So before to buy a freerunner, please think well on what you need. May 
be you need something else, or is better you will buy in the future. But 
if you decide to buy, please keep in mind which are the objective of 
what you buy.

Best regards

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