GTA02 Release Date

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at
Mon Apr 7 10:03:05 CEST 2008

Stephen Pape ha scritto:
> My intention wasn't a comparison of the iPhone to the Neo. I do run 
> Linux at home and at my office for our servers, I don't even dual boot 
> with Windows anymore because I don't see any reason to use it.  I'm 
> well aware of the differences. All I was remarking on is that the 
> iPhone is probably the "next best thing", especially if they offer a SDK.
> The problem I have with this project is that for a long time we were 
> without any information or updates. For quite a while, communication 
> was dead. The big example I already gave, people were expecting the 
> phone to come out in October, even well into the month. That shouldn't 
> happen. If it's going to be delayed, fine, but don't go past your 
> deadline and THEN tell people its going to be months later. Even more 
> strange is that we thought we were so close, within the month, yet 
> here we are 6 months later, with no idea when it will be released.
> Now, lately it seems we're getting some updates, but I still get a 
> general sense of confusion about the state of the project when I read 
> through emails on the list. We still don't really have any goal date, 
> as far as I know.
> My concerns don't really have anything to do with the iPhone directly. 
> I'm not questioning which will be a better choice for me, but again, 
> it's really the only comparable phone that I see available.
This discussion sometimes appear and then disapper to come back again 
under different subject.
So to get what you may know from the ml (i read this one and a few other 
from openmoko but the info usually are here and i'm not one of "the guys"):

Neo is in PVT stage
    this means that it's at the last stages to test the mass production

Neo software is in prealpha/alpha/beta:
    this means that if you need a cell/pda for the day to day use and if 
you need to rely on it NOW you can get something different

Neo isn't ready, no date given
    regard this point you can say everything you want, the guys from 
openmoko / FIC gave some dates some time ago, they passed without the 
freerunner was ready due to some design problem, this is a plus for us, 
they simply can say "we are working on a linux open phone" and when they 
are ready say "ok, we got it working" but they choose the open way, 
communicating with the community, updating us on the state of the phone, 
discussing with us about hints or what to do, can you see something 
similar with any company? Personally not so i realy appreciate this. The 
freerunner is late on the dates that were given by FIC, this is not a 
problem, i'm still waiting for it. An example is the iphone it's 
development was secret, there were only some rumors about it, here you 
can see the progress and the problems!

when the neo wil come out it will be ready
    WRONG!! the HARDWARE will be ready but the software will be usable i 
hope but won't be ready, you could also use the qtopia images, may be 
also android when it will be ready, it's up to you

Neo is closed due to some NDAs
    well there are some problems regarding some NDAs (glamo if i'm not 
wrong) but "the guys" are working on it but the freerunner is the most 
open phone you can get now (neo 1973 and the freerunner when it will be out)

may be i've forgot something but the latest infos are here i suppose



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