Unofficial poll: Do you want 3G in the proposed successor, GTA03?

Tom Cooksey thomas.cooksey at
Mon Apr 7 15:03:36 CEST 2008

On Monday 07 April 2008 14:00:42 Federico Lorenzi wrote:
> First off, this is by no means official in any way. Vote on [1] if you
> _think_ 3G is essential for a successor to FreeRunner

Depends on what you mean by 3G? If you mean 3G as in HSPA then yes, it's
a useful feature to have when out of range of WiFi, and it's got reasonable
deployment (in the UK anyway... don't know about other countries).

It also depends on timescales. Given the Freerunner should last us a few years,
it might be better to see who wins out in the WiMAX vs LTE battle that's about
to be waged and include the victor. (My money's on LTE BTW, certainly in the

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