GTA02 Release Date

Sean Anderson keep.brain.from.freezing at
Mon Apr 7 15:21:00 CEST 2008

> The biggest error that some people do is that they thing Openmoko == 
> Iphone: FALSE
I think comparisons with the iPhone are inevitable and, when discussing
the consumer market, absolutely justified. Speaking to someone that
isn't into FOSS, you might start by saying "well, it's a small phone
form factor, like a PDA - but the display takes up most of the front.
You can phone people, text, check your email, it has an on-screen
keyboard--""--Like an iPhone?". What's the distinction, the philosophy
behind the operating system? Hardly visible to the average customer.

Whether or not the Moko came first, who had the idea first, who began
working on it first, isn't really relevant. The iPhone is a smartphone
carrying out many of the same functions as the Moko, and is the product
everyone has heard of.

For the average user, when the Moko is released consumer-ready, say,
early next year - it will probably be entirely justified for the
consumer to respond - but why not just buy a third gen iphone? or why
not buy some of the competition that O2, Sony, Nokia and the rest will
probably produce in the next few months? Nokia have already produced
some fantastic Linux-based devices with the N800 and N810. The only
thing they don't do is receive phonecalls!


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