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Mon Apr 7 20:01:14 CEST 2008

ewanm89 wrote:
> On Mon, 07 Apr 2008 00:07:27 +0200
> "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" <mail at 3v1n0.net> wrote:
>> Marcus Bauer wrote:
>>> The current browser is based on webkit and has Javascript, DOM etc.
>>> However, the CPU is to slow and the screen to small. Much more fun
>>> is 'links' which does have a graphics mode and simply ignores most
>>> CSS. But it is blazingly fast and many pages are better readable
>>> with it - thanks to the fact that most websites have no longer
>>> table based layout but a div based. Thus pages get simply shown
>>> sequentially - one div after the next. Even wikipedia becomes very
>>> readable on the small screen.
>> I'd like to have something like the browser that iphone has, btw
>> those are my few suggestions [1]. Is this possible?
> Webkit is the rendering engine of safari (including iphone version).

I knew this, that's why I asked if it was (easily) possible :P

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