Community Member of the Week winner

Michael Shiloh michael at
Mon Apr 7 13:23:55 CEST 2008

First, my apologies for not getting to this until Monday. I made the 
mistake of traveling over the weekend and had no Internet access.

Second, thanks all of you who nominated and voted, and thanks to the 
nominees for their excellent contributions. All of you did excellent 
work, whether nominated or not, winners or not.

The winner for  Week 1, which started Monday, 31 March, is JoSch, who 
"has done the really cool hack of getting a full debian installation, 
complete with XOrg and touch screen support, up and running on a Neo 
1973. Also he is a very active member and site-admin at the 
#neo1973-germany community."

Congratulations, JoSch, for being our winner this week! Please send me 
your choice of item and size, and your shipping address and phone 
number. The store is at Send 
your email to me directly: michael at openmoko dot org.

Thanks again everyone, and please vote for next weeks winner.

PVT testing is in process, and I'll ask Steve to send an update within 
the next few days.


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