Any updates on the PVT status?

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Mon Apr 7 22:56:55 CEST 2008

I thought I did an update on this, so let me repeat the update, and add some

The DVT run, the design verification was completed a bit ago and the design
has been verified. For a short
Time I had some worries about landscape mode, but Engineering figured out
that the issue was driver setting.
PVT is proceeding. At least 3 PVT runs are planned and  phones from PVT are
headed back to
Tiawan. During PVT there are always minor tweaks. This PVT will be no
different than any other PVT. You build
100 phones, you find out that 85 work, you tweak the process to improve
that.  You build another batch.
Since DVT is passed all that is left is production details. Running the
lines, tuning the process.  Trust me
This is not a time to bug an engineer  and ask " is done yet?" "are we there

So what happens from here on out. First we have to complete PVT. That means
we have to review all the PVT builds
And then we have to decide to start Mass Production. And then we have to
schedule our start date. 
Finally, if people want an early sample and can convince me that they have a
good business idea, send me mail.

I have a very small number of samples headed my way and I want to make sure
I listen to ideas and proposals I havent heard.


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Just wondering, is there any news regarding the status of the PVT runs? Will
a new design be needed / is the current one good for mass production / minor
tweaks needed / whatever?


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