OpenMoko project future

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Mon Apr 7 23:58:24 CEST 2008

OpenMoko is a brilliant concept. I hope to buy a Freerunner
when it's relatively safe to go in the water.

Before we jump down the throats of those who express
some frustration about how the release schedule has
taken longer than we all hoped, here's my non-emotional
comment in support of those who are frustrated.

I do no know why, but the OpenMoko project
(Hardware and software) objectively is dragging
out. From the sidelines, it is difficult to judge
whether this VIRTUOUS project will or will
not achieve liftoff, or will crash off
the end of the runway.

yes, absolutely, developing in a fully open
environment means everybody knows each
and every wart along the way. Apple and Steve Jobs
did not have that burden, nor do Nokia, or LG,
Samsung, Motorola.

BUT the OpenMoko  project likely does not have
enough financial capital and human
resource to accomplish its lofty ambitions.

I passionately hope I am TOTALLY WRONG. But the
 track record to date is "dodgy" at best.

Ron K. Jeffries

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