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Jacob Thebault-Spieker summatusmentis at
Tue Apr 8 00:48:03 CEST 2008

The difference between OpenMoko and other companies is the transparency. 
Remember the iPhone? Nobody knew it was happening, aside from rumors. We 
didn't know how the manufacturing process was going, we didn't know how 
the software was coming along, we didn't know anything. Same goes for 
99.9% of devices out there, the manufacturing/development process is 
closed. I'm sure it took apple a long time to get the iPhone to where it is.

This is party of the beauty of the OpenMoko project, which also seems to 
be people's frustration. We hear about the manufacturing processes, we 
know what state the software is in. We know about the things that go 
wrong with the manufacturing/testing processes, and yet, we do know that 
the Neo FreeRunner is coming. We know it's coming soon, once the 
manufacturing process get's tweaked enough for mass production.

Please guys, be patient. I'm pretty sure it'll happen, and I'm pretty 
sure it'll happen soon. If it weren't going to happen, we'd have known, 
presumably. I highly doubt OpenMoko as an organization would string it's 
users/customers along, and then just shut the door on them. I don't 
think any of us can understand what goes into making this happen, unless 
we've had a lot of manufacturing experience.

I for one am willing to be patient. Please join me :)

Jacob Thebault-Spieker
Cell: (207) 717-5114

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> OpenMoko is a brilliant concept. I hope to buy a Freerunner
> when it's relatively safe to go in the water.
> Before we jump down the throats of those who express
> some frustration about how the release schedule has
> taken longer than we all hoped, here's my non-emotional
> comment in support of those who are frustrated.
> I do no know why, but the OpenMoko project
> (Hardware and software) objectively is dragging
> out. From the sidelines, it is difficult to judge
> whether this VIRTUOUS project will or will
> not achieve liftoff, or will crash off
> the end of the runway.
> yes, absolutely, developing in a fully open
> environment means everybody knows each
> and every wart along the way. Apple and Steve Jobs
> did not have that burden, nor do Nokia, or LG,
> Samsung, Motorola.
> BUT the OpenMoko  project likely does not have
> enough financial capital and human
> resource to accomplish its lofty ambitions.
> I passionately hope I am TOTALLY WRONG. But the
>  track record to date is "dodgy" at best.

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