Any updates on the PVT status?

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1. Thank you for the info.

2. I don't know, if someone else asked this question before. I did 
register ti the mailing-list just e few days before, but I haven't seen 
an answer to it anywhere. What is done with the "85" working phones?

Greetings Bastian

P.s.: This is my first mail, so hi at all

steve schrieb:
| I thought I did an update on this, so let me repeat the update, and 
add some
| details.
| The DVT run, the design verification was completed a bit ago and the 
| has been verified. For a short
| Time I had some worries about landscape mode, but Engineering figured out
| that the issue was driver setting.
| PVT is proceeding. At least 3 PVT runs are planned and  phones from 
PVT are
| headed back to
| Tiawan. During PVT there are always minor tweaks. This PVT will be no
| different than any other PVT. You build
| 100 phones, you find out that 85 work, you tweak the process to improve
| that.  You build another batch.
| Since DVT is passed all that is left is production details. Running the
| lines, tuning the process.  Trust me
| This is not a time to bug an engineer  and ask " is done yet?" "are we 
| yet?"
| So what happens from here on out. First we have to complete PVT. That 
| we have to review all the PVT builds
| And then we have to decide to start Mass Production. And then we have to
| schedule our start date.
| Finally, if people want an early sample and can convince me that they 
have a
| good business idea, send me mail.
| I have a very small number of samples headed my way and I want to make 
| I listen to ideas and proposals I havent heard.
| Steve
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| Hello,
| Just wondering, is there any news regarding the status of the PVT 
runs? Will
| a new design be needed / is the current one good for mass production / 
| tweaks needed / whatever?
| Cheers,
| Federico
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