OpenMoko project future - Dreamliner vs. 737

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Tue Apr 8 10:30:38 CEST 2008

Ooops... Must have been done while having some blackout...

Am 08.04.2008 um 09:27 schrieb Kevin Zuber:
> Hi,
> You really should host your pictures on your own server and not  
> include
> it out of a forum.
> (e.g. picture
> is  
> used
> in )

Thanks for this hint...

> So users have to register in that forum to see the picture in your
> shop... not really useful :)

Well, the forum is great but you are right that we shouldn't require  
users to subscribe there...

> Am Dienstag, den 08.04.2008, 08:16 +0200 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus
> Schaller:
>> To all those who are frustrated.
>> First of all, please note the recent message from Steve that the
>> Freerunner is already in production rampup (PVT), i.e. the hardware
>> engineering phase is finished. Usually this means just weeks and no
>> longer months until sales can start.
>> But taking your picture of "liftoff", and knowing about all those
>> eagerly waiting members on this list who have expected something
>> different, I have worked on a solution for those who have different
>> needs than the Freerunner will fulfill.
>> The best result so far is sort of a "737" Open Linux PDA-Smartphone
>> (when compared to the Neo "Dreamliner"). While the alternate device
>> lacks WiFi, GPS, USB-Host and the latest kernels, it comes with
>> * Quadband (800/850/1800/1900)
>> * a 1.3Mpix camera
>> * a builtin telescpoe pen
>> * weights just 90g
>> * is mature (i.e. end-user ready incl. power management) and
>> * runs Qtopia (not the latest one) out of the box.
>> I am in discussion with the manufacturer about the SDK and the
>> limitations of openness. But what I have already tried with the  
>> sample
>> devices is that it is really possible to install and run Sharp Zaurus
>> binaries and cross-compile some code.
>> Since I don't know if discussing alternatives to the Openmoko fits
>> into the rules of this list, please send me a private mail (mailto:hns at
>> ) if you are interested, or follow the links in the signature.
>> With kind regards,
>> Nikolaus Schaller
>> PS: we plan to add both, the Freerunner and this alternate device to
>> our shop so you have more choice
>> Am 07.04.2008 um 23:58 schrieb Ron K. Jeffries:
>>> OpenMoko is a brilliant concept. I hope to buy a Freerunner
>>> when it's relatively safe to go in the water.
>>> Before we jump down the throats of those who express
>>> some frustration about how the release schedule has
>>> taken longer than we all hoped, here's my non-emotional
>>> comment in support of those who are frustrated.
>>> I do no know why, but the OpenMoko project
>>> (Hardware and software) objectively is dragging
>>> out. From the sidelines, it is difficult to judge
>>> whether this VIRTUOUS project will or will
>>> not achieve liftoff, or will crash off
>>> the end of the runway.
>>> yes, absolutely, developing in a fully open
>>> environment means everybody knows each
>>> and every wart along the way. Apple and Steve Jobs
>>> did not have that burden, nor do Nokia, or LG,
>>> Samsung, Motorola.
>>> BUT the OpenMoko  project likely does not have
>>> enough financial capital and human
>>> resource to accomplish its lofty ambitions.
>>> I passionately hope I am TOTALLY WRONG. But the
>>> track record to date is "dodgy" at best.
>>> -- 
>>> Ron K. Jeffries
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