Loosing your moko

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Just my 2C.


I have been following this thread for some time.  I think the idea is
GREAT...Knowing I have phones somewhere, 2 in the US, 1 in Germany and I
think one in the UK.


What if we start it out simple?  Each device owner can choose to
register their MAC, modem serial number or other unique component ID
that will not change unless hardware is reconfigured.  Then if the
device is lost or stolen, the registered owner can request a track with
the registered units ID.  Even if the device is re-flashed at some time
in the device's life, I am sure the new user(s) or lucky finder will
attempt to use it as intended and connect via WiFi and broadcast.  It
will at least get the ball rolling.


As the tracking development gathers more interested users, the tracker
can start to gather may be SIM info, New SIM info, user call log, send
me it's new number so I can call it, etc., but it all starts with the
unique component ID if there is one :-)




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On 4/7/08, Didier Raboud <didier at raboud.com> wrote: 

* If I loose or let my Moko being stolen, I can find my connection
parameters (on the paper) and go to track.openmoko.com and there I can
24 coordinates a day. This could help me find it back or help the police
find it back. Of course, if the Moko is turned off, it won't be possible
track it. But as soon as it is turned on again (even if flashed with
default image), it will restart to send coordinates to the default
with its SIM-change and flash-change prone ID.


There is only one problem with this. If the phone is flashed, the the
flash will be erased/overwritten and the program to transmit the
coordinates will be gone.

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