Unofficial poll: Do you want 3G in the proposed successor, GTA03?

Mark Arvidson sagacis at
Wed Apr 9 04:28:02 CEST 2008

I whip out my A780 and browse the net/read e-mail/update remote todo
lists/ssh into my home network nearly everywhere I go.  I use my phone's
EDGE capabilities while riding across Texas to the next family event.  I use
it to check my personal e-mail during downtimes at work (restrictions
against doing that on company computers).  I do the same while waiting for
kids sporting events to start or at the dentist's office.  I pull it out
after band practice in the middle of nowhere to check my family's Google
calendars for potential conflicts.

As it is, I don't use Wifi much (of course, I don't have it on my phone
yet).  There are very few free places to use it around here, and their
ranges are rather limited.  Traveling at 75 mph down a highway means
hotspots come and go in a few seconds, so that's not even a potential
problem solver for me.

So, I will vote for 3G, but if a new board is being designed, it only makes
sense to go for the next big thing.  Remember, it takes a year or more to
get one of these out to market, so the real question will be: how will you
use your mobile phone a year from now.

--Mark Arvidson
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