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Mark Schneider queueram at
Wed Apr 9 06:22:28 CEST 2008

On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 9:21 PM, christooss <christooss at> wrote:
> I have downloaded SolidWorks package from the page. The problem I see is all
> files have .1 on the end of a name. Example
>  gtc02-msh01.prt.1
>  Is this my problem or packaging problem?
>  Tnx for anwser

As the file name should indicate these are ProE [1] files, not
SolidWorks models.  SolidWorks is able to open ProE files, so be sure
to select "ProE Part (*.prt,*.prt.*,*.xpr)" from the Files of type:
pop-up menu.  The other thing is your version of SolidWorks may not be
able to import ProE files of this version.  For example, SolidWorks
2005 can only import ProE files from versions 17 through 2001, and
Wildfire versions 1 and 2, whereas the Freerunner ProE files appear to
be Wildfire 3.0.  Check the SolidWorks Online User's Guide from the
Help menu and search for ProE to verify what versions it can support.
SolidWorks can import STEP or IGES just fine, so maybe you could
convince them to also release STEP or IGES versions of the Freerunner
as they have the 1973.



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