Loosing your moko

Didier Raboud didier at raboud.com
Wed Apr 9 13:59:45 CEST 2008

Denis wrote:

> Then why on Earth would a hijacker use standard image?

Because the Neos will always be one particular phone in a sea of other
phones (even in an ocean of other phone _types_). I was assuming that the
hijacker were only random hijackers targetting all possible phones to just
resell them...

The way of properly flash a Neo with a custom image actually needs and will
probably need particular hardware and skills - things that a lambda
hijacker will probably not have (he will only if he specifically targets 

Anyway, I agree that there is no easy solution to this particular problem.

I always thought that the IMEI was used (by lawly authorised persons) to
track all the mobile phones geographically - if this is the case, it should
exist for the Neos.



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