Loosing your moko

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Well I don't know about many other Countries, but in the US an owner of a laptop has the right to install a software package that calls "mother-ship" when it boots.  The laptop is registered with a provider and should the laptop come up missing, the owner contact the police and the provider works with the police to retrieve it for the legal owner.  So I would think that if the legal owner of the "phone" (I hate "phone" the Neo is so much more) understands the risk and privacy issues it is my business.


I still think it is a great idea and can't wait for the next release so I can hack around on it.  It would be kind of fun walking down the street and having the phone notify me another OM community member is approaching.  We could start the "OM High Five" as we pass each other. :-)




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Yes, i think a "normal" hijacker has no skills to flash the image - it is unusual with normal phones. I think nearly all of them don't know about a function like the one we are discussing here.
But i think there is another problem: I don't know if it legal to track the position of a person without his/her permission - even if he/she has stolen my phone...
Will the cops be allowed to use this information? There are lots of crazy laws... Is a lawyer here on this list?


Am Mittwoch, den 09.04.2008, 13:59 +0200 schrieb Didier Raboud: 

Denis wrote:
> Then why on Earth would a hijacker use standard image?
Because the Neos will always be one particular phone in a sea of other
phones (even in an ocean of other phone _types_). I was assuming that the
hijacker were only random hijackers targetting all possible phones to just
resell them...
The way of properly flash a Neo with a custom image actually needs and will
probably need particular hardware and skills - things that a lambda
hijacker will probably not have (he will only if he specifically targets 
Anyway, I agree that there is no easy solution to this particular problem.
I always thought that the IMEI was used (by lawly authorised persons) to
track all the mobile phones geographically - if this is the case, it should
exist for the Neos.
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