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Andreas Zuber zuber at
Wed Apr 9 19:12:38 CEST 2008

> If you look at the Android software stack, you will notice that they
> basically only use the Linux kernel and a few traditional 'helper'
> libraries, written in C (jpg, png, etc).
> But the bulk of the system is written from scratch. They even have
> their own libc! Their own Java virtual machine, their own graphics
> system, etc. etc.
> I do believe all of this is very healthy. Fresh blood. Take the Dalvik
> virtual machine for example. Basically they kick Sun somewhere, but
> that may turn out to be a nice wake-up call for something like HotSpot
> and similar established Java projects. IcedTea, GNU Classpath, etc.
> At the same time they ignore pretty much everything the FOSS community
> built over the last 10-20 years.
> No X, no d-bus, no standard packaging system, ...
> It's a fundamentally different approach from Openmoko.

Hehe, looks like the construct "GNU/Linux" becomes really usable now. But how 
do we call what Google creates now? "Android/Linux" ? "OHA/Linux" (Open 
Handset Alliance)?


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