Web Browser?

enaut enaut.w at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 9 20:29:27 CEST 2008

Tim Shannon schrieb:
> I would think it would be as simple as having a toggle button that 
> toggles from touching the screen to scroll around (up, down, left, 
> right), and interacting with a webpage.  If your in "interaction" 
> mode, then have the tiny scroll bars, else leave them off.
in your proposal there is not too much difference between clicking a 
tiny Button or using a tiny scroll bar...

I don't think so the toggle scroll/interaction mode should be set by the 
duration of the touch. eg. painting a line will end up in scrolling in 
that direction clicking on a dot wil end up being a webpage interaction. 
You could even click wait at a point and then move up/down to zoom the 
page and so on...

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