Battery life on GTA02

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Wed Apr 9 20:35:56 CEST 2008

Alexander Frøyseth ha scritto:
> Helo
> What is the current battery lifetime on GTA02?

I was asking this too in other lists, but there unfortunately are no 
official/semi-official/unofficial reports from any of the GTA02 owners yet.

This is an important issue, but I've not read so many words... :/

 > And how long lifetime is expected when it is "done"?

According to the wiki [1] the expected battery life is:

> attery life (Approximation/Ideal Target) Standby time 150-200 Hrs (GSM)
 > (GSM) Talk time (Backlight off) Up to 3-4 hrs(GSM)

This seems enough to me, but it should be confirmed... BTW I'd like to 
know also the battery life of the Freerunner with GPS+GSM (I hope it 
will last enough for travelling) and WiFi+GSM (well, I'd need about 5-6 


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