Who is who ?

fredo at starox.org fredo at starox.org
Thu Apr 10 14:21:04 CEST 2008

> You're still right ;)
> I just thought it could be useful to have the information about the
> country.
> For example, I live in France, and I have questions about the freerunner
> delivery in my country (taxes, local resellers ...), or will it work on
> the nationals networks ... I could know if there is other people in the
> same case.

IIRC there is a page on openmoko wiki which describe those sim's which
don't work.
I think a page with network which works, will be valuable also.

> I don't know if this information will be really useful.
> People who don't want, don't have to specify this information.

I'm french too :) And I was looking for these information several month ago.
I wonder if we can do a group of french people, like the german group, and
do some valuable work (i18n ?).

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