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Fri Apr 11 22:25:36 CEST 2008

Glad you like the idea. Actually I thought that the answer call/hang
up - feature was something that every headset was able to control. I
have never used headsets so it is a first for me.

On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 9:47 PM, Flemming Richter Mikkelsen
<quatrox at> wrote:
> On 4/11/08, Jens Fursund <jens.fursund at> wrote:
> > Hi Freerunners!
> >
> > I was wondering if anyone know if it is possible to answer a call from
> > a headset while listening to music/podcasts. As in the music/podcast
> > stops and the call takes over by a click on the answer/hangup button
> > on the headset. Furthermore it would be great if we could implement a
> > feature where either espeak would read the name aloud when the call
> > comes in, or you would be able to provide your own sound to the call
> > (as to know who it is, without taking the phone out of your pocket, of
> > course).
> This is a great idea.
> I think the the headset only have one button for muting the mic. But not
> sure. If that is the case, we can easely solve it by capturing the input
> from the mic when an incomming call arrives, and if the mic is muted for at
> least one second, we can answer the call. Or we could do voice recognition.
> If you say "hello" when a call arrives, it answers the call... etc. Anyway,
> there should be no problem implementing some solution where you don't need
> to touch the phone. This is very nice if your phone is in you pocket while
> you are driving, etc. Also, it is nice when you use a BT headset. I think
> the solution of grabbing input from the mic could be simple, because it
> would be done equally no matter if you use BT/wired headset or any other
> kind of handsfree. But if we have a button on the headset, we just check for
> a key press.
> A pseudo code to better explain my idea:
> int handle_incomming_gsm_call()
> {
>   ...
>   if (handsfree_has_ans_btn)
>   {
>     /* avoid the overhead of comparing sound if the
>      * handsfree has an answering button */
>     if (hansfree_ans_btn == pushed)
>       gsm_answer_call();
>   }
>   else if (mic_input_ans(mic_dev, snd_accept))
>   {
>     /* matches the caracteristics from the mic input stream
>      * with the caracteristics of an 1 second long wav file
>      * much like strstr() matches a string with a stream
>      *
>      * The snd_accept is an user recorded file which can be silence or
>      * or any other sound the user prefers to answer the call with
>      */
>     gsm_answer_call();
>   }
>   ....
> }
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