Data over normal GSM call

joerg at joerg at
Sat Apr 12 11:34:16 CEST 2008

Am Fr  11. April 2008 schrieb Stefan Misch:
> Hi,
> I just talked about this issue with a colleague who uses an HTC PDA with 
> mobile. For the data connection he uses a dial-up connection as a modem. He 
> doesn't have a data plan but a flat fee for voice calls into land lines.
> He says he gets about up to 4K/s which is not much of course but it's still 
> possible to view light websites or emails with it. (I would not want to use 
> with Google Maps for example which is one of the key features why I would 
> mobile internet access.)
> So I don't think it's impossible. Maybe the hardware and the codecs are 
> different on OpenMoko but I doubt that this is an obstacle that cannot be 
> All best,
> Stefan

That's simple CSD (see other posts of this thread). AFAIK it's supported by 
all carriers in Germany. I used it ~year2000 with a Nokia 6210 and a Palm5 on 
O2 without any problem. You can access internet via provider's accesspoint, 
or you can dial up a modem connected number at your home to run your own 
accesspoint/proxy. Anyways it's normal connection fee (as of y2k).


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