accelerometer thought

François TOURDE fr-om at
Sat Apr 12 16:11:36 CEST 2008

Le 13980ième jour après Epoch,
Joe Pfeiffer écrivait:

> Tim Shannon writes:
>>Sounds like a good idea, except for people who carry their phone in a bag,
>>but definitely useful as an option nonetheless.
> Sure -- I was careful to say *my* use!

Yes, and my usage too... :) Good idea !

But what about a "not moving for a while" switch?

In my pocket, my bag, or other moving places, it will ring, and if it
is staying on a desktop, or near my bed, it will use vibrator...

But what happens if I try to locate it on my house, expecting it will
ring :p (This situation is frequent, for me :) )

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