accelerometer thought

Ben Burdette bburdette at
Sat Apr 12 18:11:42 CEST 2008

> Yes, and my usage too... :) Good idea !
> But what about a "not moving for a while" switch?
> In my pocket, my bag, or other moving places, it will ring, and if it
> is staying on a desktop, or near my bed, it will use vibrator...
> But what happens if I try to locate it on my house, expecting it will
> ring :p (This situation is frequent, for me :) )

What would be nice would be to have a system that would vibrate or ring
based on the caller's option.  This could work if there was a menuing
system on the phone for incoming calls.  If the phone is muted, with a
code you could override the silent ring and make it actually ring.

It could also work for the situation where I would like to call someone
late at night but I'm not sure if they're up.  Assuming they have an
openmoko phone and its past a certain hour, I'd get a menu that would
ask whether I want an audible ring or not.  Of course they could
override that and mute it completely, but for me this would be good.  I
often forget to un-mute my phone and end up missing calls.

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