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Sat Apr 12 18:00:27 CEST 2008

Am Fr  11. April 2008 schrieb Flemming Richter Mikkelsen:
> On 4/11/08, Jens Fursund <jens.fursund at> wrote:
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> > Hi Freerunners!
> >
> > I was wondering if anyone know if it is possible to answer a call from
> > a headset while listening to music/podcasts. As in the music/podcast
> > stops and the call takes over by a click on the answer/hangup button
> > on the headset. Furthermore it would be great if we could implement a
> > feature where either espeak would read the name aloud when the call
> > comes in, or you would be able to provide your own sound to the call
> > (as to know who it is, without taking the phone out of your pocket, of
> > course).
> This is a great idea.
> I think the the headset only have one button for muting the mic. But not
> sure. 

The headset button does mute the mic. It's main function however is to trigger 
a hardware interrupt to the CPU, which can be used to start the actions you 
need to take a pending call. This IRQ function is not depending on on the 
mute, but mute is just a side effect of the way the button inside the headset 


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