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Sun Apr 13 05:36:08 CEST 2008

Ajit Natarajan wrote:
> A friend of mine who owns an iPhone purchased an LCD protector.  It is a 
> sheet of clear material cut to the dimensions of the LCD screen.  When 
> affixed to the screen, it doesn't affect touch screen operation. 
> However, it resists scratching and fingerprints can simply be wiped off.

I also planned to buy some screen protectors for the freerunner... 
Reading comments on the net I've heard that the best ones are the 
"Brando" (they've a site shipping worldwide, but I can't find it now) 
anyway I don't really know if it's an hoax or not...

BTW since the Openmoko phones aren't "commercial phones", to find the 
screen protector with the right size (or something bigger), I'd need to 
know which other phone/PDA has the same screen size of the Freerunner.
Do you have advices for this?


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