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Sun Apr 13 14:21:17 CEST 2008

A German ebay seller has some that are advertised as being made for
the Neo 1973 (and should thus work fine on the Freerunner as it has
the same case and screen dimensions):
They are a little too big but work well nonetheless. It's difficult to
attach them without bubbles, though. However, you get 18 of them so
you can practice a lot. I can't remember whether the instructions that
came with it were in German or in English... It amounts to slowly
attaching the protector millimeter for millimeter while all the time
rubbing out the bubbles. I've heard this works best in a wet
environment. Obviously there shouldn't be much dust around and you
should clean your screen properly.


On 4/12/08, Ajit Natarajan <ajitk at> wrote:
> Hello,
> A friend of mine who owns an iPhone purchased an LCD protector.  It is a
> sheet of clear material cut to the dimensions of the LCD screen.  When
> affixed to the screen, it doesn't affect touch screen operation.
> However, it resists scratching and fingerprints can simply be wiped off.
> Is this something that will be needed on the Freerunner?  Or does the
> Freerunner come with a scratch resistant screen/coating?  If a protector
> is needed, will there be an option to purchase it?
> My friend told me that one needs to be careful when affixing the
> protector, or ``bubbles'' will result.  It would be great if
> instructions could be included with the protector on the best technique
> to affix it.
> Thanks.
> Ajit
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