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Sebastian Hammerl sebastian at
Sun Apr 13 14:27:03 CEST 2008

i wrote to the shop of (german shop for screen protectors) and 
they would sale a special freerunner protector and also make custom 

they told me that the protectors of the nokia n95 would fit for the 

i think with enough people who want to by a protector they will add the 
protector to their shop or make a good price.


Ajit Natarajan schrieb:
> Hello,
> A friend of mine who owns an iPhone purchased an LCD protector.  It is 
> a sheet of clear material cut to the dimensions of the LCD screen.  
> When affixed to the screen, it doesn't affect touch screen operation. 
> However, it resists scratching and fingerprints can simply be wiped off.
> Is this something that will be needed on the Freerunner?  Or does the 
> Freerunner come with a scratch resistant screen/coating?  If a 
> protector is needed, will there be an option to purchase it?
> My friend told me that one needs to be careful when affixing the 
> protector, or ``bubbles'' will result.  It would be great if 
> instructions could be included with the protector on the best 
> technique to affix it.
> Thanks.
> Ajit
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