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> Since Freerunner won't have an hardware light sensor to set its LCD 
> brightness, I got some ideas about smartly changing the luminance of
> the GTA02 screen to save its battery (still with an unknown life
> time :/). Of course they aren't and never will be precise as an
> hardware sensor is, but it's the only thing we have:
> 1) Setting the brightness following the hour of the day: also if the 
> phone can't know if it's sunny or cloudy, neither if you're indoor or 
> outdoor, it's clear that just knowing the hour of the day, the date
> and your latitude (to be set once via GPS) the phone can easily know
> when the sun will rise and set, and so it will be possible increasing
> or reducing the LCD brightness.
> Also if you're indoor, I guess that when the sun is "gone" you won't 
> need so much luminance...
> 2) Using personal profiles that follow your habits: you could define, 
> for each hour of each week day the "presumed" luminance, using
> something like a calendar. I mean, if on working-days I generally
> stay indoor every day from 8:30 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to the 19:00
> I figure that on these intervals I don't need all the LCD power, so
> I'll set in my "calendar" that on such interval I'll be indoor...
> I guess that many of you would follow a routine durning the week, why 
> don't educate your phone for it!?
> 3) Setting the luminance following the weather. Of course I've no
> light sensors, neither a barometer :P, but if I've a working
> connection available I could use the weather data downloaded every
> few minutes (60, for example) from internet to change my screen
> brightness (of course merging these informations with points 1 and 2)
> What do you think about them?
> I do think that they are really simple to implement, and that also if 
> they won't guarantee a perferct result, they could be a "smart"
> workaround.

GPS signal drops in cloudy conditions, and is usually non-existent
indoors... this just leaves the 24hour cycle of the spin of the earth
to worry about, all we need know is position, and rise/set times to
sort that problem?

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