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Sun Apr 13 11:57:02 CEST 2008

If not more

flexd skrev:
> I was just making a suggestion, and as for joining the norwegian 10 
> pack buy, i could, but they both live far far North in Norway, while i 
> live far far south, the cost of sending it would most likely be about 
> the same or more as the 10 pack buying discount :(
> Heikki Sørum skrev:
>> First off all, I highly doubt if any serious corporation _or_ FOSS
>> community would engage in such matters. There are much more at stake
>> than just a wish to avoid a additional 25% VAT surcharge. ( That's the
>> tax he's complaining about.) Regardless, discussing illegal VAT or tax
>> evasion on a public mailinglist isn't the world's brightest idea. On
>> the other hand, If he'd prefer to pay less VAT there is a way for
>> Norwegians to do so. Norwegians are allowed to bring into Norway wares
>> worth up to 6000NOK (about 1200USD) _IF_ they spend a minimum of 24
>> hours abroad. If Flexd really want to avoid paying VAT I'd recommend
>> him to order a freerunner from a EU dealer and ship it _post restante_
>> to a swedish post office. Then he'l have to pick it up after
>> spending a day&night in sweden.
>> Post restante= Old postal tradition where mail and packages are
>> adressed to a post office rather than a person. Such packages are then
>> retained for two weeks _without_ notice. The recipient has to pick
>> it up and prove their identity before the post office releases such
>> mail/packages.
>> When that have been said, why cant flexd join the norwegian 10pack
>> order?
>> Sincerly, Heikki Soerum.
>> Den Sun, 13 Apr 2008 12:00:06 +0200
>> flexd <flexd at> skrev:
>>> If ordering from the US (or anywhere really), would it be possible 
>>> to have the package marked as a gift to evade taxes and such? 
>>> Norwegian taxes are high, so we'll probably pay like half a phone 
>>> extra >_<
>>> Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano skrev:
>>>> Erland Lewin ha scritto:
>>>>> 2008/4/13, "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" <mail at>:
>>>>>>  Well, if you consider that you've to pay the shipping costs from 
>>>>>> Usa or
>>>>>> Asia in 10 or more people, instead that as an alone buyer I think 
>>>>>> that you
>>>>>> gain really more than 30$-8€ ;)
>>>>> Well, that is the key question now for us in the EU - I believe
>>>>> that FIC has said that they will have a distribution center in the
>>>>> EU, which should make the shipping much less expensive. The very
>>>>> high shipping cost in relation to the price of the phone I think
>>>>> was a problem with the GTA01...
>>>>> I'm very much looking forward to hearing about how FIC will solve
>>>>> the EU distribution, and how much the shipping will be in Europe
>>>>> on top of the $399 + VAT price, which I think is a very good
>>>>> price. I think that info would be in the next update from FIC.
>>>>> /Erland in Stockholm, Sweden
>>>> Yes, you are right, i was thinking that buying a 10pack phone is 
>>>> always cheaper than buying a single phone due to the shipping
>>>> costs. I'd like to know the eu price and if it's convenient to buy
>>>> the phone in eu, else there are some services that you can
>>>> subscribe for 10$ which give you an us address so you buy the phone
>>>> and send them there, after that you pay the shiping cost from there
>>>> to your nation, this can let you to not pay VAT, don't know how
>>>> much it's legal but i'd like to get more info on this services
>>>> because they can be very useful. Everything obviously is to see how
>>>> much the eu phone costs due to the VAT and other taxes.
>>>> So i have to get more info about this service but they exist so i 
>>>> think it should be a good deal to use them if in eu the phone will 
>>>> cost too much.
>>>> Cya!
>>>> Pietro
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