FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

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Mon Apr 14 01:13:16 CEST 2008

Charger is on the list of goodies. So, yes there will be a charger in the

Going forward, I think we as a community need to discuss these issues.

1. Do I supply a standard charger that follows the USB Spec. for example, A
charger that you could buy anywhere.

2. Do I Supply a CLOSED charger that only my phone can recognize? 

For me. custom is closed. Our high current charger is custom.its closed.  

This decision is mirrored in the battery decision.

So, I have one group of people asking be to supply them with expensive
custom parts
And another group of people asking for accessories they can buy from

let me know what you think. My inclination is Open accessories. 




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2008/4/13, steve <steve at>:
>  The STANDARD box contents will be a Phone and Battery. I expect to 
> add some  other goodies, but only for the first few thousand buyers.

There won't be a charger in the standard box? And I thought there was a
custom charger allowing the Freerunner to charge at a high current?


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