FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

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There will be two  products. Buy 1 OR buy 10. ( in 850 and 900 versions of

So, if you wanted 11 you would buy a 10 +1.  and yes, this is a always an
issue in volume sales.

I suspect when people get 10 committed community members to agree, they will
place the order.
Move fast. Get organized, get ready. 


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Great news that things are getting so finalized. 

I have a question about the '10-pack'.  I'm thinking about getting together
a group order for my local LUG.  Suppose we have 11 people interested?  Is
it more a 10-plus pack, or would that extra 1 phone have to be ordered at
full 399 price? 

steve wrote:
>  I thought I would combine a couple posts today. First an update on 
> PVT, or production verification test. Phones are being sent to me from 
> the first PVT run. Michael Shiloh will be back in Silicon valley next 
> Tuesday, so he and I will test the samples and get them out to key 
> partners. I want to check a couple things like using the Nokia 
> batteries as spares and generic USB chargers before I send these samples
> Now, for the update on Products, and Pricing,
> 1. Products.
>  Orginally the FreeRunner ( GTA02) was planned to come out in two
> Basic and advanced, just like the Neo 1973. We killed that idea. It 
> was a quick humane death. The problem was the GTA02 advanced unit 
> would have been $650 USD. After seeing the response to Neo 1973, a 
> huge response, we decided the best path was to lower the price, reward 
> our early developers, and attract more developers.
> 2. Pricing
> We scrubbed the BOM ( bill of materials). We eliminated the Luxurious
> Optimized the box like it was code. The first thing we got rid of was 
> the lunchbox. It was cool, but it was expensive and heavy. Eliminating 
> that was a sizeable cost savings. ( think shipping weight).
> Next we pulled out the debug board and made it a separate product.  We 
> priced it at $99 US. about 1 tenth what people would pay for similar 
> capability.
> My goal was to get to a place where we could sell the FreeRunner at $399.
> USD.
> We did that.
> The FreeRunner will ship from at $399. For early 
> customers I'm looking at throwing in a few free things. More details
> The debug board will be available as a separate product for $99 USD.
> Many people wrote me mails asking if they could get a discount by 
> buying more than one phone. Sometimes they were universities, 
> sometimes a small business, sometimes a small group or club.
> For these people we created a 10Pack. instead of 399 per phone, we 
> will charge 369 per phone.
> Over the next few days I will explain the next steps we go through and 
> how the product will get distributed
> Steve
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